reading a foreign language you're trying to learn: lol this is easy I understand so much of this

trying to construct sentences in that language: wtf am I doing jesus take the wheel where is wiktionary

yes language

"Much of the enjoyment of Nothing Much To Do comes from the believability that the creators and cast have managed to imbue into the characters. Both creators and characters are part of the tumblr generation – a group that seems to be half-fandom and half-social justice. … It is a small point, but worth noting when considering Nothing Much To Do‘s believability: this is the first web series that has provided a real, logical explanation for why various characters do not watch each character’s vlogs."

Why ‘Nothing Much To Do’ is the one literary web series you should be watching - Hypable

This is a good point - NMTD handled the “who is/isn’t watching and why” question more elegantly than any other series I’ve watched so far. (Particularly in the transmedia with Ursula finally noticing and commenting on the Watch videos.) Easier to manage for a series set in a small New Zealand high school, but still.

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